Monday, August 3, 2009

Fire Breathing, Jousting and a Medieval Party

Fire breathing. According to Wikipedia, fire breathing "is the act of creating a large flame by spraying, with one's mouth, a flammable liquid upon an open flame. The flame is usually held an arm's length away and the spray should be both powerful and misty."

You can get your fill of fire breathing, fire dancing, jousting knights (see this link to last year’s blog post for pics), medieval parades, medieval markets, medieval costumes and lectures about the local medieval history this week in Visby, where it's Medeltidsveckan (Medieval Week). The walled city of Visby (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), on the Swedish island of Gotland, is steeped in medieval history (the medieval wall was built around 1280).

Check out this fire dancing/fire breathing show from the 2006 festivities....


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