Monday, August 4, 2008

Medeltidsveckan (Medieval Week)

(Photo courtesy of Fiona Basile)

Let the games begin! Actually, they already have. Not the Olympic Games. That's this coming weekend. What I'm talking about are the Medieval Games on the Swedish island of Gotland.

Medieval knights jousting before cheering crowds dressed in medieval costume. Medieval markets inside the walled city of Visby. Medieval theatre. Medieval lectures on the culture of Gotland 600 years ago, including a rundown on how the knights battled each other....and Firebreathing. I just missed the festivities last summer. I visited Gotland the week before Medieval Week. Medeltidsveckan 2008 is now underway on the isle located in the middle of the Baltic Sea, about halfway between Sweden and Latvia. If you live in Sweden or will be traveling through Sweden this week, you'll want to check it out, through August 10th.

For more information: Medeltidsveckan 2008

(Photo courtesy of Fiona Basile)

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