Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Archipelago Boat Day!

(cc photo courtesy of oskarlin)

It's Archipelago Boat Day in Stockholm, another reason to celebrate the late evening, June sunshine in Sweden. says the sun will set in Stockholm at 9:52 pm, plenty of time to catch some rays after work if you want to join in on this 45-year old tradition (and if the weather cooperates, as the forecast calls for party sunny skies approaching sunset).

Many Stockholmers take time to enjoy the late spring/early summertime weather with this unofficial holiday every June called "Skärgårdsbåtens dag," in which classic steamboats (a steamboat parade) take you on a 90-minute party cruise from Central Stockholm to Vaxholm in the Stockholm archipelago, (Skärgården in Swedish, literal translation: "the garden on the rocks"). The boats leave at 6:15 pm. Ahhh...summer in Sweden.

Vad tycker du? Kommentera gärna :)

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