Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sailing through the Swedish Sky

Perhaps you're like me and you're a thrill seeker, with limits? Rappelling down the side of a Caribbean waterfall. Having my mask accidentally kicked off by a dive buddy while on a deep night dive off the coast of Catalina Island. Lining up at the start line of my first marathon, wondering how I was going to get through it. These are some of the thrills I've experienced and I'll always seek more.

But skydiving? I'll admit I'm curious about it and the feeling you get when you jump out of a plane right before your parachute opens. But not necessarily curious enough to try it out. I haven't even tried bungee jumping.

My curiosity about skydiving grew this week after noticing that the season for skydiving just got underway in Stockholm. The season begins in May and lasts through October. Passionate Stockholm skydivers belong to Stockholms Fallskärmsklubb (Stockholm Skydive Club, 300+ members), a club that makes more than 30,000 jumps a year in what's called Northern Europe's largest "drop zone," Gryttjom.

The 5 essential keys to start skydiving, according to "Be aware of the risk. Choose a method of training. Find a Drop Zone. Set a date and jump! Get licensed."

Here's a beautiful video of the Stockholm skydiving experience....

Vad tycker du? Kommentera gärna :)

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G:son said...

Hi, Well Skydiving is out of the question. Flying, yes. Like more the sailing boat in the northern part of the archipelago. Slower, thoughtful and lots of hidden stones under the water. My sort of thrill....

Lisa said...

I really wanted to go out to the archipelago on my last trip to Stockholm but ran out of time. And sailing through it would be so very nice! It truly is a beautiful place and I look forward to spending some quality time relaxing there at some point. :) These are a couple of photos I love that were shot in the Stockholm archipelago: and