Monday, April 6, 2009

Sweden and Switzerland Are Not The Same!

Why do so many people confuse Sweden with Switzerland? One of my closest friends is vacationing in Switzerland this week. Before she left on her trip, I told her that I belonged to a "just for fun" group on Facebook called "Sweden and Switzerland are not the same!" I also told her that in the past two months, I've heard a television commentator at the World Cup ski races in Europe accidentally call a Swedish skier Swiss a few too many times (and I love everything else about this particular commentator's ski coverage). A few summers ago, before leaving for a trip to Sweden, a friend of mine wished me "a great trip to Switzerland!" Common mistake according to the Facebook group.

So "just for fun," let's take a look at some anonymous examples posted on the group page for "Sweden and Switzerland are not the same!"

~ "nice group that makes me smile. I am Swiss and living in is incredible how much confusion there is...The good thing is I love the two countries both Switzerland and to be taken for Swedish is not a problem. We just need to educate our friends a little more :-)"

~ "So where are you from?
Switzerland! Wow that's great!
-No. Sweden.
Right. Umm...isn't that what I just said? "

~ "LOL, I know exactly what u mean.. I'm from Sweden and I lived in Italy for one year. Every time someone asked me where I'm from, I answered Swezia. And they went like "oh, Swizzeria".. I explained that it was Sweden and NOT Switzerland. Most funny was when we went skiing in the Dolomites, Cortina d'Ampezzo.. then they were like "Oh, now you really near to your home country" hahaha ;o)"

~ "I'm English - but I cannot for the life of me work out why people think Sweden and Switzerland are the same country. So they both start with "sw".... and?"

~ "lovely. i am aussie but have swiss parents and i speak swiss german and we have a guy from sweden at work and everyone thinks we're from the same place :|"

~ "there's also something to be said of "Are there kangaroos in Austria?"

Vad tycker du? Kommentera gärna :)

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Tiffany said...

Hi Lisa, my Swedish husband and I living here in SF can totally relate! It's a running joke between us but we didn't know it was the frustration of Swedes (and Swiss!) everywhere!

As I am also an SF girl who travels frequently to Sweden & shares your obsession I thought I ought to introduce myself & some of the things I'm up to.

I also have a blog called Roam All Day where I share what inspires me. As we share such a big common interest, you may find it interesting too. A lot of my inspiration comes from Sweden.

My flickr photostream:

Glad to be in touch! We should meet up for coffee sometime.

Lisa said...

Hi Tiffany, nice to meet virtually! It would be fun to meet up in the city and swap stories...I'll be sure to check out your blog. :)

Martin said...

Having lived many years in Sweden, being married to a Swede etc, I can feel your pain. But be honest, don't you ever get confused with Slovenia and Slovakia?

Oh and Lisa, I just set up my profile on linkedin:

Lisa said...

Congrats on joining LinkedIn Martin :)...hope you take my advice and also join Twitter. :) You should join LinkedIn's Sweden Networking Group since you are currently living in Gothenburg (right?)

Lisa said...

PS Martin: My sister's Swedish husband is also named Martin and grew up in Gothenburg...funny coincidence eh? :)