Monday, October 20, 2008

Swedish Into Other Languages

Experimenting with Google's translation tool, I was curious to see what the phrase "Sverige är vackert!" ("Sweden is beautiful!" in English) looked like in other languages. Here's the outcome of my simple cut and paste experiment:

Danish: Sverige er smuk!
Dutch: Zweden is mooi!
Finnish: Ruotsi on kaunis!
French: La Suède est beau!
German: Schweden ist schön!
Greek: Η Σουηδία είναι όμορφη!
Italian: La Svezia è bella!
Latvian: Zviedrijā ir skaista!
Norwegian: Sverige er vakker!
Polish: Szwecja jest piękne!
Portuguese: A Suécia é linda!
Russian: Швеция прекрасна!
Spanish: Suecia es hermoso!


Jacob M (communityof...) said...

There's always a little bit lost in translation. "Sverige är vackert!" correctly translates into "Sweden is Beautiful!" But if you translate it back using google's translation tool you'd probably then get "Sverige är vacker!", which is Verrrrra simmilar to the Norwegian "Sverige er vakker!"

Ett Hus - HusET är VackerT
Ett Flygplan - FlygplanET är VackerT

En Bil - BilEN är Vacker
En Blogg - BloggEN är Vacker*


*A House - The house is Beautiful
An Aeoroplan - The Aeoroplane is beautiful

A Car....
A Blogg...

Even though there's only one of it (En/ett = one) , "Sverige" is an "ett word" as from above, hence "VackerT".

Lisa said...

Ja... :)
The Google translation tool is not perfect yet, but if I'm in a hurry and can't remember a word or phrase from my Swedish lessons :) can be helpful. But you're right, Google still needs to perfect it.