Thursday, October 16, 2008

Livet är en berg-och-dalbana

Livet är en berg-och-dalbana. That's Swedish for "life is a roller coaster." Especially during our current economic turmoil. Life "on" a roller coaster, meanwhile, offers a fun escape from our real world turbulence. It's about living in the moment. You feel like a kid again.

If you're a big fan of roller coasters, like me, you'll love my second blog. It will be a video blog, updated once a week. Each entry will be a clip of a roller coaster ride I enjoyed at some point in my life or a coaster that I hope to enjoy in the future. The blog, Favorite Roller Coasters (not up and running yet), will feature coaster point of view videos, once I have a moment to launch it.

One of the clips that will be added to Favorite Roller Coasters comes from YouTube (since I haven't shot my own roller coaster experiences), an amusing video I tracked down of the berg-och-dalbana that I rode in Stockholm in the summer of 2007: Jet Line at Gröna Lund (an amusement park on the island of Djurgården):



Batteris said...

I love this blog!
Grew up in Stockholm but moved to London recently myself... Hope you're loving Sweden! :D

Lisa said...

Tack så mycket! Jag bor i San Francisco men jag hoppas att flytta till Stockholm snart...