Friday, January 25, 2008

Networking in Sweden

Another exciting new project might periodically interrupt my writing in this blog. I created a new networking group on the professional networking site, I started the Sweden Networking Group because I could not find a LinkedIn networking group that focuses solely on business interests in Sweden and the surrounding Nordic communities. The goal of the Sweden Networking Group is to generate a positive dialog on all career/business interests in Sweden and the Nordic region while providing a place to create new trusting business relationships.

As of this date, 66 LinkedIn users belong to the Sweden Networking Group, 60 of them live in Sweden, including 46 members in Stockholm, 4 in Göteborg and 3 in Malmö.

Feel free to pass the link below on to friends, colleagues or family you have in Sweden, or who are relocating to Sweden.

Link to join the Sweden Networking Group

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