Thursday, November 12, 2009

Flash Mobs can be Beautiful

Last night I saw the film This Is It, documenting the rehearsals for Michael Jackson’s final concert series that never was. The music, dancing and stories of MJ and his support crew jumped off the screen! Some of last night’s film-goers ended up dancing in their seats. You could say it was similar to attending one of his concerts, aside from the fact that he held back with his voice at times, in hopes of saving it for the concerts.

After the film, I asked a couple of friends if they were also moved by global flash mob performances (not in the film) honoring the talent of Michael Jackson shortly after his passing. They hadn't seen them, so I told my friends about two MJ inspired flash mob scenes in Stockholm in July (at Sergels Torg and Central Station) that blew me away with how well they turned his passing into a celebration of his music and of life. I wanted to post the video of the Stockholm flash mobs here just in case you haven’t see them....


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