Friday, October 2, 2009

Sweden Photo Of The Day Weekly Recap, Week 39

Favorite Sweden photo of the day #191: Balansören (cc photo courtesy of Eva the Weaver)

Favorite Sweden photo of the day #192: untitled (Stockholm City Hall at sunset)

Favorite Sweden photo of the day #193: Vuojatädno

Favorite Sweden photo of the day #194: Autumn night in Uppsala

Favorite Sweden photo of the day #195: Söderåsens Nationalpark

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Barry S. said...

Nice photos! I am planning my first Sweden/Finland trip in May 2010. I will continue reading your blog to get more familiar with Sweden!

Lisa said...

Thanks Barry :)...
May is a nice time to visit Sweden (long days/short nights/good weather), although if you could delay the trip by one month, you could enjoy the Midsummer/Midsommar festivities in June. Happy trip planning!

Barry S. said...

I am planning my trip around a large MRI conference I am attending, so May is the only option! Any suggestions for that time of year? I would like to do some cycling.

Lisa said...

Gotland and the Skåne countryside are both great for cycling if you have time to do a side trip. I chronicled my Gotland cycling experience with a podcast: