Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stockholm’s Newest Comedy Club Goes "All English"

A new comedy club is about to open its doors in Stockholm with a lingual twist. For stand-up comedy to truly work, you need to know all of the nuances of a language. Think about "not getting" a comedian's material in your own language and think of how impossible it is to fully "get" jokes from comedians speaking a language that you’re not fluent in. That’s why excitement is building for the city’s newest comedy club among expats in Stockholm who are not fluent in Swedish. Laughs at The Liffey (hosted at an Irish pub in Gamla Stan/Old Town) will premiere October 8th and then become a regular Thursday night event. The club’s website says it will be "a place for both native English speakers to bust a move and for Swedish comedians to hone their skills in the Queens language."

Looking over the lineup for the club’s opening night, it features two Australians, one Irishman, one Canadian, one comedian from the UK and five Swedes.

You can learn more about Laughs at The Liffey here.

You can join the club’s Facebook group for fans here.

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