Monday, July 20, 2009

Judgement Circles and Modern Sculpture in a Prehistoric Landscape

What’s a judgement circle? That’s the first question that popped into my mind when reading about a sculpture park that happens to be situated within an Iron Age burial ground in Sweden.

Go to Skulptur i Pilane on the Swedish island of Tjörn, part of the Bohuslän archipelago near Göteborg/Gothenburg, and you’ll see modern sculpture surrounding ancient graves. Judgement circles dot the burial landscape/park, a place the Swedish National Heritage Board says was "used for court sessions during the middle Iron Age" and that "linguistic researchers believe that to swear on one's mother's (or father's) grave comes from this phenomenon."

I discovered Skulptur i Pilane, touted as "contemporary sculpture in a prehistoric landscape" while working on a photo project and came across these captivating pics....
(cc photo courtesy of konstriktion)

(cc photo courtesy of Vilseskogen)

(cc photo courtesy of James Garrabrant)

(cc photo courtesy of Vilseskogen)

(cc photo courtesy of David Haskiya)

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