Monday, June 15, 2009

We Might See "Skyscraper Greenhouses" in Scandinavian Cities in the Not Too Distant Future

Several Scandinavian cities are said to be interested in building the world’s first "skyscraper greenhouses." Swedish company Plantagon tells AFP that it’s developing a project to build vertical greenhouses that would make fresh, organically grown fruit and vegetables more readily available and more affordable to big city dwellers.

Plantagon (working in association with Sweco, the consulting engineering company for the project) claims this type of greenhouse would make organic fruits and vegetables an option for those with a tight budget, since the big cost associated with fresh produce, 70%, is transportation and storage.

A rotating spiral in the vertical greenhouse would make it possible to grow organic produce on an area believed to be the equivalent of 100,000 square meters of cultivated land.

How much will it cost to build this type of greenhouse? It’s estimated that each structure would come with a 30-million dollar (21-million euro) price tag. The project's developers insist the investment would rapidly turn a profit.

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