Monday, May 18, 2009

The Myth is Now True in Sweden

(cc photo courtesy of mape_s)

Up until this week, Swedish tourism officials poked fun at the myth that there were polar bears in Sweden. The myth is now true! You still won't find polar bears in the wild in Sweden. But you will find them under protection at a new polar bear breeding ground, Polar World, inside a "bear park," Orsa Björnpark, in the Dalarna region.

Called the largest polar bear park in the world, Polar World opened today with two special guests from Rotterdam, Netherlands and Stuttgart, Germany, Ewa and Wilbaer.

The official site for Polar World says it will offer the bears deep swimming waters, space for fishing and dens for hibernation, as well as spread knowledge about the polar bear and its conditions.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, polar bears are not deemed an endangered species but are under threat from global warming.

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