Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blood Shortage in Sweden

Sweden is dealing with a nationwide blood shortage. Uppsala University Hospital yesterday cancelled/postponed operations due to the blood shortage. Officials at the Uppsala hospital says Sweden is dealing with the blood shortage because of increasingly advanced health care techniques.

There's a particularly strong need for more donations in blood groups O and B.

If you're in Sweden and would like to help, visit Geblod.nu (note: if you are not Swedish, you must be able to understand and speak Swedish to give blood in Sweden). Blodcentralen Hötorget provides a convenient option for those in Central Stockholm.

You can also support blood donation efforts in Sweden by running for the cause. 5 and 10k races are being held throughout Sweden between now and August to support the blood donation effort. Göteborg/Gothenburg will host "Blodomloppet" tomorrow and Stockholm will host one on June 10th.

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