Monday, April 27, 2009


How big is Valborg in Sweden? Do a search on Twitter and you'll come up with 14 pages of results (at the time of this writing) for Valborg. Swedes are getting ready to celebrate Valborg on Thursday. It's a Swedish celebration of spring, and you can learn more about it from this 2008 blog post. Most of the same locations mentioned in that post will be hosting Valborg parties again this year.

One of the biggest Valborg celebrations/bonfires in Stockholm is celebrated/lit at Skansen. You can also view some of Stockholm's Valborg celebrations via webcam.

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Henrik Johansson said...

The largest celebration is probably in Uppsala, at 3 pm. The Vice-Chancellor of the university steps out on the balcony of university library, delivers a short speech, and waves his student hat in the air. This was earlier the signal to change from the winter hat to the summer hat (nowadays, there isn't any winter hat). The crowd, usually around 50000 people, waves back with their hats, before racing down the hill to drink champagne at the student nations (only a minority make it inside the gates of nations).

Some photos:

Lisa said...

Wish I could be there!