Monday, March 30, 2009

Top 10

Have you checked the topics section of your blog lately? I just scrolled through mine while doing some redesign for San Francisco to Stockholm.

The "Top 10" topics (ordered from most discussed):

1) Swedish Culture
2) Photography in Sweden
3) Stockholm
4) Swedish Travel
5) Swedish Politics
6) Cycling in Sweden
7) Gotland
8) Swedish Networking
9) Swedish Winter
10) Famous Swedes

New additions to blog:

1) "Moose Cam" now in Links section :)
2) After admiring/posting so many Creative Commons licensed photos in Sweden, I plan to create an attribution, non-commercial, no-derivative Creative Commons licensed Flickr page of some of my own photos to return the favor to all those willing to share their pics. You'll see a link to it on this blog when it's set up.

Vad tycker du? Kommentera gärna :)

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