Monday, January 26, 2009

Following the Swedish conversation, in Swedish & English, on Twitter

A few weeks ago, the hashtag #svpt was born. It means Swedes on Twitter (Svenskar på Twitter). With Jaiku's announcement that the micro-blogging service (with Nordic origins: Finland) will "no longer actively develop the Jaiku codebase," many Swedes have jumped ship to Twitter, with more and more companies and brands wanting to reach out internationally.

With the hashtag #svpt, Swedes, or those with a great interest in Sweden, can follow the Swedish conversation and meet more Swedish contacts. will give you a real-time feed of the Swedish Twitter discussion. One complaint that has arisen: some say it's getting harder to follow the different discussions on the #svpt channel because so many people are using the #svpt hashtag. Easy solution: gives you a rundown of all the current Swedish/Sweden related hashtags, #svpt - (Svenskar På Twitter), #24hbc - (24 Hour Business Camp), #ts1 - (Tech Spec1@Hyper Island), #seuni - (Universitet & Högskolor), #setech - (Svenska nördkanalen), #svblogg - (Svenska Bloggar), #euval - (Om EU-valet den 7 juni), #webb09 - ( ), #semar - (Sweden marketing), so that you can follow specific conversations.

If you're looking for an additional way to find Swedish contacts on Twitter, check out

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sapphire said...

Cool! This will be great to meet others in the Swedish twitter community.