Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another Holiday Approaches in Sweden

Lars, Anders, Jan, Bengt, Hans, Karl, Per, Peter, Bo and Sven. The ten most common names among Swedish fathers, according to the latest stats from Statistics Sweden. The most common name among new dads in Sweden: Johan.

If you are not from Sweden, you're probably wondering why I'm writing about fathers in November instead of June. Swedes (along with Finns and Norwegians) celebrate Father's Day this Sunday (it always falls on the second Sunday of November in Sweden). Many Swedish fathers will (hopefully) be treated to breakfast in bed, usually a traditional Swedish breakfast of smörgas (an open faced sandwich), or Swedish pancakes with lingonberries and perhaps some filmjölk (Swedish yogurt).

I'd like to wish all the Swedish fathers out there a happy Father's Day (in advance)! Or in Swedish: "Grattis på farsdag!"

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Isle Dance said...

So many holidays, so little time! :o)