Sunday, September 21, 2008

At a Crossroads

First off, this is the "real" Lisa Sculati writing this. I say that because I just had my wallet stolen on my first trip to Las Vegas. The thief got my driver's license and a little cash but I managed to cancel my credit cards before they could do much damage. I thought I was keeping a close eye on my belongings while playing Blackjack, but learned the painful lesson that I was not careful enough.

Vegas was supposed to help me escape my worries, which it did, in part. It can be a fun city. But it's a tough time right now. A few days before the trip, I got laid off from a career I had enjoyed for nearly 15 years (I began working for my former company at the age of 20, so this is a big shock). I wasn't sure I was even going to mention that in this blog, but it's been a tough week and a half. My former company, Westwood One/Metro Networks, is laying off 15% of its workforce between now and the end of the year. I would like to thank all of my loved ones, friends, freelance colleagues and former broadcasting colleagues for all of the support you have given me since the layoff.

I am freelancing for a wonderful company in Stockholm and have heard about possible fill in opportunities in broadcasting in San Francisco, but I have definitely reached a crossroads. I would very much like to move to Stockholm, but to make that relocation dream happen as a non EU citizen, I need to submit a written job offer for full time, salaried employment with a Swedish company to obtain my visa and Swedish work permit. I am continuing to search for the "right" full time opportunity there (writing, journalism, PR, voiceover work, documentary work) but now, without the safety net of my former salaried career (a career that made me happy for several years), I will also need to explore full time opportunities here in SF, which would put the Stockholm move on hold. But my long term plan is to make Stockholm happen. When the relocation dream becomes a reality, it will be all the sweeter.

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Isle Dance said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the job situation. The good news: There is now room for a new opportunity. :o)

Lisa said...

A positive attitude always helps and I am trying to remain optimistic...thanks for the message...

Larry Lynch said...

Hi Lisa, I've been listening to you as "Dana Fields" on KQED for however long you've been doing traffic reports, and I was shocked when you suddenly disappeared a couple of weeks ago, replaced by Elena O'Brien (also a pseudonym?). I expected some comment from someone, but nada, so this morning I did a Google search, found you on LinkedIn and thence to this blog. I just wanted to say I enjoyed your colorful and spirited traffic reports and your often amusing interactions with some of the KQED hosts. I'm not clear on your Swedish connection, but good luck!

Larry Lynch

Lisa said...

Thanks so much for your kind words and message! Or as they say in Swedish, tack så mycket!

There are a couple of earlier blog entries which help explain my Swedish connection: