Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Effort To Fight Sweden's Wiretap Law

Many Swedes have started their month long summer vacations. Offices are much quieter during the month of July in Sweden, especially in Stockholm, when many get to enjoy a 4 to 5 week holiday. (I wish 4 week holidays were standard in the U.S.!)

I hope that while many Swedes are enjoying the great outdoors, the Stockholm archipelago, southern Europe, the Caribbean, California, they do not forget there is still a fight underway against a far reaching wiretapping measure set to become law in Sweden on January 1st, allowing Sweden's National Defense Radio Establishment to monitor all Internet and telephone communication that crosses Swedish borders without a warrant. Time is precious. It's hard not to question, be suspicious of, the timing of the vote on the wiretap law, FRA-lagen, in Swedish Parliament a week before the summer holiday season in Sweden.

Keeping this eavesdropping issue in focus, the Swedish newspaper Expressen has come up with a new way to protest against FRA-lagen: www.expressen.se/1.1214535, providing a form for an email campaign designed to flood the in-boxes of Swedish Parliament with anti FRA-lagen messages. I encourage you to check it out. Civil liberties are at stake.

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