Friday, June 13, 2008

Fars Dag

Three things I learned about Sweden/Swedish culture this week:

Fars Dag (Father's Day) is not celebrated in mid June in Sweden. Swedes celebrate Fars Dag on the second Sunday of November. I made this discovery while attempting to write about Father's Day traditions in Sweden.

I also learned two new expressions. After reading an earlier blog entry on my favorite Swedish expressions, Margareta at Visit gave me another idiom to ponder, "det är ingen ko på isen." It translates to "no cow on the ice," apparently meaning, "there's no need to rush." Another expression I discovered, courtesy of kulturCHOCK, "nu är du ute och cyklar!" English translation: "now you're out riding your bicycle," meaning you have no idea know what you're talking about!

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Tomas Carlsson said...

Hi Lisa,
"nu är du ute och cyklar" could also be used as you have no idea what you are doing, you are clueless.

"det är ingen ko på isen" is more there is no problem, dont worry, its under control. When I find problems in a project and then find out that the problem can be handled without any delays etc, its "ingen ko på isen" since I know of the problem and know how to fix it before it has any impact.

If you want to research another expression you could try "ta mig fan", its a difficult one.